When You Still Love Your Ex Boyfriend And He Will Not Talk To You – Use This Very Effective Tactic

When you still love your ex boyfriend and he will not talk to you, how can you ever get your ex back? You know that unless you can communicate with him, nothing will be solved. This is what causes many women to panic and begin sending emails and text messages by the hundreds. When they do not get a response, they resort to calling in the middle of the night and screaming that they cannot live without their ex. This just causes him to respect you less and be more determined to avoid you as much as possible. You do not intend to be a nuisance, but in your present state of panic and frustration, you cannot stop yourself. You have to get control of your emotions before you ruin any chance to get him back. You need to change your approach to the situation and use this very effective tactic.

The first thing you must do is stop harassing him. If he will not communicate with you, there is probably a pretty good reason, At least he thinks so and you must honor his right not to communicate and begin determining what that reason is. If the two of you were engaged in an argument where you both said some very harsh things, he might feel that any communication with you will just start the argument again. If you did something to offend him, it might take him a while to get over it. In any case, you must stop forcing yourself upon him. This portrays you as a controlling and selfish person that puts their own wishes above his. If you are giving this impression, you can see why he is avoiding you. He feels that if you did get back together, he would always be controlled by you.

When you still love your ex boyfriend and he will not talk to you, the best thing you can do is use this very effective tactic. It is a mode of communication that many people do not consider anymore. That is what makes it so effective. People are used to checking their email or text messages and they can quickly delete any unwanted ones without taking time to read them. This is what is happening to the ones you are sending him. Your phone calls go to his recorder and are quickly erased. But the mode of communication that gets attention is an ordinary, old fashioned letter sent by postal mail. In this day and age, a handwritten letter is almost guaranteed to be read. So your best chance of communicating with your ex is to write a letter.

In the letter you can tell him that you are sorry for anything you did to offend him. Do not go into details or mention any part he played in the breakup. If you want your ex back, shoulder your part of the blame and leave it there. Keep it short and sweet. This is your best chance to communicate when you still love your ex boyfriend and he will not talk to you.

Source by H. L. Archer

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