The Evolution Of Cell Phones

Cell phones are increasingly popular in the world today. There are many different types of cell phones, such as the standard cell phone, two-way radio cell phone, picture cell phone, video cell phone, PDA cell phone, and touch screen cell phone. Of the many different types of cell phones, one can find useful specialized technology that aid, entertain, and organize the progressive lifestyles of today.

Although cell phones have become complex with evolving technology and improvements, the standard cell phone, which is used to place and receive calls is still the primary function that is used by most persons. As time has progressed and technology has evolved the primary use of phones to be that of more complex features, types of cell phones are more prominent in the marketplace today.

The two-way radio cell phone, one that is comparable to the function of a walkie-talkie, uses Push-to-talk technology, which allows instant communication rather than dialing another cell phone user and waiting for an answer. The use of this type of cell phone has been very popular for employees of substantial sized businesses. Not only does the two-way radio cell phone make instant communication without the need to dial in numbers and wait for another user to answer, but it also makes and received standard calls, as well.

A picture cell phone has become a popular feature since its introduction. A picture cell phone enables one to capture a moment, just as a camera does, and send it to another cell phone or an e-mail address. It allows some basic functions such as, crop, zoom, as well as other morphing features. The picture cell phone’s technology has advanced to provide better picture quality and zoom, like a digital camera.

A video cell phone is very similar to a picture cell phone. In fact, its functions are fundamentally the same, but the video cell phone captures an event just like a camcorder or a home video recorder. However, the amount of time allotted to record is not long. Many of the phones today are only able to record up to 30 seconds of video.

The PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) is a portable electronic device, which can includes some of the functions of a computer, a cell phone, a music player, and a camera. Although these can be pricey tools and toys, they have many useful features. Features include: high quality display and camera function, e-mail, internet capabilities, interactive touch screen used to navigate the use of the phone, a full “qwerty” keyboard, GPS (global positioning system) capabilities, and music storing and playing abilities.

One of the newest introductions in the cell phone market is the new touch screen cell phone. This type of cell phone enables the user to browse the internet with ease, collect and play multimedia files, and use e-mail.

Cell phones are advancing and expanding their use from their initial basic functions. The many exciting and useful functions of cell phones have created a new source of entertainment and helpful tools. We should continue to see cell phones evolve into a more dynamic bundle of features as time progresses.

Source by J. Kirby

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