The Deadline Is Looming. Just How Do You Break An Excel Password?

You know the feeling: you come to open an Excel spreadsheet and a little box pops up, asking you for the password. Your heart sinks. “What password?” you think. “No-one told me about that!”. You need to break that Excel password in a hurry. That’s the nature of these things. They never happen if there’s not a deadline creeping up on you.

So you try all the usual ones – “password”, the author’s favorite sports team, their mother’s maiden name (go on, admit it, you’ve heard that often enough in their off-the-record phone calls to their bank or their bookie) but nothing works. The program stubbornly refuses to let you open it.

What next?

Running away won’t work.

Cursing and screaming the computer screen may make you feel better but as a rule computers ignore any verbal or physical threats made against them.

So what can you do to break an Excel password that isn’t playing ball with you?

It’s at times like these that computers can turn from foes into friends.

The very same machine that is resolutely keeping the spreadsheet locked up can be turned against itself.

Using a special piece of software, you can break absolutely any Excel password that has ever been conceived. No exceptions – standard phrases, letters and numbers, odd “unbreakable” characters. Nothing is safe from these software programs. They just work their way through the list until the password lies broken on the floor and the spreadsheet finally opens. Job done. Reputation saved. Your life is worth living again!

Source by Trevor Johnson

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