Spy Phones: How To Monitor The People Around You

For this, why not seek the help of a gadget that every one of us always carries? What if you can listen to what the people in question are talking about, without actually being around them? What if we could not only listen but interrupt the calls, in case required?

Well, your wishes are fulfilled in the form spy phones. Spy phones are like a voice recorders that can be controlled by stealth remote enabled for not only Symbian but also blackberry and window mobile devices as well. It can record room conversations, live call and send SMS on calls. It does it complete covertly without any beeps, lights or other signals. All this conversation along with GSM information can be sent via email or by Bluetooth as per your SMS command.

Aren’t spy phones made for spies?

As the name suggests, the spy phones are made to spy upon someone or some surroundings. It is obvious that it can also be used by anybody who wants to monitor certain area or activity remotely and clandestinely.

Spy phone is no different from any ordinary cell phone. It looks and works exactly like any other cell phone that we normally see.  But added spy features are what set it apart from others. Just look at its jaw dropping features:

  • The telephone works with a previously programmed telephone number.
  • It is able to record both incoming and outgoing calls (in all symbian editions).
  • It can monitor conversation in the area of its presence even when the phone is switched off.
  • The data can be retrieved and sent to any email account by GPRS, WLAN or Bluetooth without needing any passwords.
  • In case you want to get into more details, it can send GSM Location, start time of each recording as a summary report.
  • Data transfer icons, logs, names of files are hidden in handset.
  • It remains undetected in AppManager and File Manager (files are invisible).
  • Additionally, it has all the normal features of a cell phone.

How spy phones work?

Endoacustica Europe is the brain behind this technology. When anyone calls the spy phone, it rings and operates as a normal telephone; but when the spy phone is called using the previously programmed number, it automatically answers without any ringing or lights and the display appears as if it is on standby. There is no other spy telephone available that can match these features.

Spy phones integrate intelligent software.  It handles files and automatically switches from internal memory to SD card if space is low and also informs the user via SMS.  You may need to format the device after a trial so that it works smoothly after a fresh installation.

Source by Endoacustica Europe

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