Mobile Phones and the Teenage Text messages

Mobile Phones and the Teenage Text messages

Mobile phones have become so popular in such a short space of time, i can remember just a few years back thinking i was so cool walking around with a house brick size phone in my bag.

brick phone

Once the idea of owning a mobile phone had gripped the nation (Sorry.. the world) the race was on the make the coolest looking mobile phone, and in the early days some might say these phones where not the best looking gadgets..This is when the text message boom really took off.

And the simple reason was time and money!! a phone call back then would of been around 35p per minute and a text message was only 10p. bundles and call packages where not really on the seen.

You could text your mates or family really fast to ask anything with out getting involved in a costly long phone call. Back then you really did count the minutes!

Teenage Text Messages

Teenagers talk by text messages and there here to stay:

Deepak Sharma went on record with the Guinness Book for having sent the most text messages in a single month: 182,689.
That’s 6,100 messages a day….!

 Now i hope this was in the school holiday else we should be really be having a word with Deepak teachers.

Websites such as “SMSMonkey” a child safe text message website is really great for young teenagers looking to send funny text messages to there friends. And of coarse the massive Text message website Textmessages24 has every kind of text message imaginable.. 

So how fast is the text message or SMS culture growing?

Short message services are developing very rapidly throughout the world. In 2000, just 17 billion SMS messages were sent; in 2001, the number was up to 250 billion, and 500 billion SMS messages in 2004.

As you can see the text message revolution is here to stay and we are waiting for the day of voice activated text messages.

Source by Glen Hunt

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