LG KU990 VIEWTY 3G phone is Ture Beauty of LG Phones

The Lg KU990 Viewty is a 3G phone that has been designed by LG mobiles. The phone comes with a stylish 3 inches touch screen. The LG KU990 is incredibly fashionable in design & pays significant resemblance to the popular LG Prada. The Viewty is a solid design phone that weighs 112 gram & the overall measurements of the phone is 103.5mm by 54.4mm wide by 14.8mm deep. The user can either use their finger to control their touch screen or the phone comes with a stylus if the user prefers to use it. The LG KU990 Viewty is an imaging focused 3G mobile phone that comes with a 5.1 megapixel digital camera feature complete with a Schneider kreuznach lens, auto focus, image stabiliser & a xenon flash. The Camera feature allows user to take pictures as well as video recordings on this phone.

LG GC900 Viewty 2 is good phone it had advanced feature we can say successor to the Viewty series of phones. LG Viewty 2 has 8 Megapixel, 3 Inch tocu screen. The phone comes with a voice recorder that allows to record voice clips and also can be added to multimedia messages. The KU990 phone has a built in music player that allows the user to enjoy music playback on their phone. The phone also has a FM radio complete with RDS feature that helps to view information whilst listening to their preferred radio station. The phone comes with easy to access messaging services that allows the user to stay in contact without making any call. The messaging services allow users to send and receive text SMS message, multimedia MMS message or an email.The user can also stay in contact with others by taking part in a face to face 3G video calling.

LG KU990 works on a tri band network that covers three GSM bands and provides the user of the Viewty with coverage in Europe & the majority of the US, but it fully dependent on the network provider. The phone includes 100 Mbytes of internal memory that can expandable with the form of MicroSD memory card option that allows extending their memory up to 2 Gbytes. This 3Gphone comes with HSDPA that is high speed download packet access, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, EDGE technology & USB connection that allows the user to connect to other compatible devices for data transfers. The phone has TV output connection and XHTML browser that provides broadband speed connection on LG KU990. Compare a lot of latst lg phones with contract offers if you plan to buy contract phone.

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