How to Create a Demo Video of iPhone Emulator

iPhone is one of the most well-known mobile devices of Apple. It has gathered millions of fans all over the world since its debut in 2007. However, it aims only for Apple and Mac users. Many volunteers began to develop iPhone emulator for Windows users so that they can easily experience the frontier tech Apple brings to the world. Here we will mainly talk about how to create a demo video of iPhone emulator in Windows so that people can share their feelings about iPhone.


Step 1: Download iPhone emulator

MobiOne is one of the best iPhone emulator. You can use it in development environment without the iPhone SDK. iPhone application development for Windows is also available. Although you cannot make a call with this emulator, you still get a better understanding of iPhone. You can get a one-month free license if you leave the e-mail address on MobiOne official site.

Step 2: Make demo video with screen recorder

Install MobiOne and open the program. The GUI is simple and clear, no complicated code or operation. You can take some time to have a try then start your demo making. By using screen recorder DemoCreator, you can record the MobiOne window and demonstrate every feature it offers. If you want to call your audiences’ attention, the cursor highlight and zoom-n-pan features are essential for you to edit the video with DemoCreator while you finish the recording.

Step 3: Edit your demo video

Besides cursor highlight and zoom-n-pan, there are many other editing features that can help you to create a better demo video of iPhone emulator with DemoCreator. You can add callouts, insert pictures and Flash animation to help people getting better understanding of your demos.

Step 4: Add narration or background music

Narration for demo video is helpful for your audience to catch up with your meanings, so you can explain your demo video with a good mic. There are two ways of adding narration to your video: record sound while making demo, or add the narration later when the demo is finished. If you have prepared a script and taken enough practice, the first method is faster. If not, the built-in audio editor in DemoCreator will help you to record sound separately and sync it with video. You can also import a MP3 or WAV audio file as background music to enhance your demo.

Step 5: Syndicate it to YouTube and social media

The last thing is to publish your iPhone emulator demo video to YouTube and social media. You can adjust the output video in particular resolution, frame rate and file format in order to match to different sites and platforms. For example, you can save the demo video in MP4 for YouTube HD, 3GP for playing on mobile device or AVI for best quality. It is easy to embed the demo in your website, forum and blog with YouTube video code. You can also submit your demo to social book marketing sites like Twitter and Stumbleupon to get more attention.

iPhone emulator is great glad tidings for Windows users to have a taste of running iPhone on PC operation system. By making demo videos, you can share your review and encourage more people to try this great mobile masterpiece.

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