How Can I Track My Husband or Wife’s Cell Phone Calls?

The question of how to track your husband or wife’s cell phone calls is one that plagues many people nowadays. For the longest time, cell phones were thought to be untraceable and led people to believe they were safe on their cell phone. That’s not the case anymore. Now you can do a reverse phone lookup and find out exactly who they’ve been talking to.

But I thought cell phones were untraceable?

At one time, many people thought they were, but they are no longer safe. Here’s why: remember not too long ago when the public demanded from their cell phone carriers that they be allowed to keep their number regardless of who they were with? Well, the public got their way, and got to “port” their numbers wherever and whenever they wished. What they didn’t realize is that by doing this, they were no longer being protected by their cell phone carriers. Before number portability, cell phone numbers belonged to the carrier, not the customer. For this reason, the carrier did not divulge this information to anyone except their customer. When your cell phone number became your property, the protection by the carrier vanished overnight. Now cell phones are public record, no different than a landline phone.

How you can use this

Now that cell phones are not protected, you can find out who’s been calling your phone (or your spouse, childs, or employees) for a nominal fee. This means that you’ll not only know who they’ve been calling, you’ll also know the address the phone is registered to, the carrier, the status of the phone, and any other pertinent information regarding the number in question. It may cost you a few bucks, but it’s a small price to pay to know for sure.

Source by John Grantham

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