Dissection of Mobistealth, Best Android Spy Software

Popularity of Android based phones is showing a steady growth especially after the launch of DROID. The entry of Verizon, Sprint and other carriers across the globe in Android World is also helping the Android phones to become widely used phones.

As more and more people are purchasing the Android phones, the demand of good spy software  is also increasing. Spy softwares have long been in use over PCs by parents, security agencies, concerned spouses etc. But now mobile phone usage has taken over PC and so does the need for a good mobile spy software.

In this article we’ll try to understand the internal workings of mobistealth which is currently the most advanced android spy software.

Installation Procedure

The user is required to download mobistealth on target phone. The installation takes just few seconds and then user is required to restart the phone. When phone restart is complete, a window appears where user is required to enter user name, password and a serial number.

It appears that after this information is sent to the server, some identification number is sent by server . This identification number is then used for further communication with the server.

Logging of SMS, Call Logs, Contacts, Pictures, Videos and Web History

It is extremely important for a good android spy software to log all SMS messages even if they are deleted immediately. So the first test I carried out was to delete the SMS messages immediately after they are received/sent on phone. But to my surprise, mobistealth recorded all the deleted messages.

It appears that Mobistealth keeps an internal copy of SMS messages as soon as they are sent/received on phone.  But they are not immediately visible on server which shows that uploading of SMS message is a scheduled process. When I performed the same test with Web History , the new url was immediately logged to server.

So mobistealth uses different scheduling strategies for different types of data. Some are uploaded immediately and some after fixed intervals.

Location Information

Android Spy Software must report accurate location even if there is Cloud cover or phone is inside a room. GPS normally doesn’t work in cloud cover or inside room. Mobistealth provides location both through GPS and Cell ID (nearest tower to which phone is communicating).

It appears that their first attempt is get location through GPS and if it is not available, the location of nearest tower is obtained. They seem to have maintained a comprehensive database of mapping Cell IDs to actual geographical coordinates

Recording of Calls and Surroundings

I think these are the ultimate features of Android spy software. Mobistealth seems to be a very sophisticated piece of software as I was astonished when I heard all the communication in my room in a recording uploaded to my account. I was also able to record all the calls from selected numbers.

It appears that mobistealth has found some hack to get control of incoming/outgoing calls which enables them to record them as Android doesn’t allow any user application to take control of telephony circuitry.

Overall I think mobistealth is a comprehensive Spy Software for Android and it has really set a standard for other companies to follow in spying market.

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