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Some Of The Most Famous Phone Calls In History

Considering how much telephone use has developed and changed in the last decade, it is remarkable to think how this seemingly simple invention has transformed the world. Today, more people have mobile phones than...

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How to Get Cell Phone Records

Getting access to cell phone records is easy. If you happen to think that your spouse is cheating on you, you can simply go through the phone records to find out and to spy...

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Know the Law Before Recording Conversations

There are legal and ethical issues surrounding the recording of conversations. The laws regarding recording phone conversations for private investigators as well as the general public vary by state. But both Federal and state...

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Access to Cell Phone Records-is it Legal

One problem with modern technology, is that for every advancement that can be used for good it can also turn around and be used for evil. Getting access to cell phone records is one...

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Audio Recording Laws in the US

With so much great technology on the market these days, it is easier to record conversations than ever before, either over a land line, on a mobile phone or even in-person with a hidden...

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