A cell phone encryption software, and you can talk freely!

On newspapers, online news feeds and on TV, you can see more and more articles condemning the plague of unauthorized telephone eavesdropping. One might think that only VIPs, politicians or tycoons are at risk of being intercepted and listened to, but this phenomenon is so widespread, that no common man can really believe that his conversations are 100% private.

All our conversations might end up being listened to by prying ears. Are you afraid that your phone calls, either personal or work-related, might be eavesdropped? Do you suspect that someone might be intruding your private zone? Are you no longer able to talk freely and safely?

At Endoacustica, we have the solution for you: Safe & Talk, our anti-interception software for cellphones, a powerful phone call encryption system that will protect you from eavesdropping.

Living with the fear that what we say might be heard by others, and used to harm us in business or in the family, has in recent years become a serious threat to our well-being, so serious that under the Bush administration, the US Senate passed a bill that guarantees retroactive immunity for those US phone operators which participated in the so called DSP, or Domestic Spying Program.

The mobile phone companies have been intercepting, unlawfully and under no prior authorization or approval from their customers, thousands of private phone calls, and this bill was designed to protect them from lawsuits which would certainly bring them down with sky-high fines. The fact that the US Administration could even just conceive such a bill, let alone pass it, is a sign that the privacy of our conversations is in grave danger, and it is up to the citizens to find a way to protect it.

This is one of the reasons why Endoacustica is introducing Safe & Talk, a new and extremely powerful software, designed to solve this problem for good. Our anti-eavesdropping software, available on our site, guarantees that all your phone calls are absolutely safe from being intercepted, so that no one will be able to hear what you are saying while on the phone!

When two (or more) handsets, with Safe & Talk installed, are engaged in a conversation between each other, no third party will ever be able to listen to your calls, as they will be encrypted by our system, which protects you and warns you against any intrusion.

Safe & Talk uses two different encryption modules: asymmetric 1024-bit RSA and symmetric 256-bit RSA. Both modules are certified as secure by the US National Security Agency. Thanks to Safe & Talk and its technology, you will be 100% certain that no one is tapping your phone and listening to your important conversations!

For more information about Safe & Talk, as well as a wide range of items and products for the protection of your privacy, you can visit Endoacustica

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